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Auto-Populate 4 Fields Based on A Single Field w/ Value List

Question asked by simmka on Aug 4, 2014
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Auto-Populate 4 Fields Based on A Single Field w/ Value List


     I've done some searching on the forums a bit and although I've seen variations of this topic posted, none have provided the solution I need.


     I'm working with a large database but for this problem I'm working with 2 tables. Table 1=Contacts, Table 2=ServiceCall

     The Layout is based on the ServiceCall table. I have 5 Fields involved in this problem. The field I need the value list associated with is LastName. So when a Contact calls with a service call I select their LastName from the drop down menu that has values from the contacts table's records (right now the field is part of the ServiceCall table with the field name being LastName(ServiceCall::LastName), and the drop down value list has the values of Contacts::LastName)

     The other 4 fields need to be populated with other information from Contacts based on what is selected via the dropdown on  the LastName field. So for that I have: ServiceCall::Address, ServiceCall::City, ServiceCall::State, ServiceCall::Zip

     I've tried setting these fields up on the ServiceCall Table as being look up fields but it hasn't worked for me thus far. I know something is wrong with what I'm doing.

     The Contacts table needed a second TO to be linked with ServiceCalls.

     I just need the data for those 4 fields to populate once that last name field is selected from the drop down.


     Thank you in advance for any help!