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Auto-Populate Other Fields from a Value List

Question asked by retailmonica on Jul 21, 2010
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Auto-Populate Other Fields from a Value List


I would like to auto-populate other fields from a value list in a drop-down.  Not too complicated, right?

My issue is that I have three different sets of similar data that may or may not be necessary on each record.

PI - PI Phone - PI Dept - PI School

Co-PI 1 - Co-PI 1 Phone - Co-PI 1 Dept - Co-PI 1 School

Co-PI 2 - Co-PI 2 Phone - Co-PI 2 Dept - Co-PI 2 School

When I select the PI or Co-PI's name from a value list, I want the information that I have already set up in another table to populate, so we don't have to mess with phone numbers, etc.  The problem is that I can't get the exact same data to be available for each of the PI fields.  It is very possible that on one record I want Joe in the PI field, and on another one he should be Co-PI 1.

The closest I got to getting this was when I select PI, every other field fills in.... even the Co-PI fields, minus the names, which are not set to lookup.

I have tried making more than one relationship between the tables, but no such luck.

Any help?