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Auto-populating Tables

Question asked by WasylMarek on Oct 21, 2014
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Auto-populating Tables


Hi, I'm new to Filemaker and need some advice on auto-populating tables.

Part 1:

I have TableA which includes many records with client information. I want a separate TableB which is identical to TableA except that it is "de-identified"; that is, it does not contain two of the fields, first name and last name.

I would like the two tables to interact such that if I add a new record to TableA, that same record (sans first and last name) appear automatically in TableB.

Part 2:

In addition to the above functionality, I would also like said functionality to be dependent on a specific field type from TableA. For example, I enter a new record, which has a "status" field set to "active," into tableA. I then want that record to be auto-popualted into TableB; however, if I add another record with a "status" of "inactive," I want that that record auto-populated into a TableC but not into TableB.