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    Auto-populating Tables



      Auto-populating Tables


      Hi, I'm new to Filemaker and need some advice on auto-populating tables.

      Part 1:

      I have TableA which includes many records with client information. I want a separate TableB which is identical to TableA except that it is "de-identified"; that is, it does not contain two of the fields, first name and last name.

      I would like the two tables to interact such that if I add a new record to TableA, that same record (sans first and last name) appear automatically in TableB.

      Part 2:

      In addition to the above functionality, I would also like said functionality to be dependent on a specific field type from TableA. For example, I enter a new record, which has a "status" field set to "active," into tableA. I then want that record to be auto-popualted into TableB; however, if I add another record with a "status" of "inactive," I want that that record auto-populated into a TableC but not into TableB.

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          What problem is solved for you by duplicating the same data into two tables?

          What problem is solved for you by separating the "active" and "inactive" data into different tables?

          Does your Table A have an auto-entered primary key field that uniquely identifies each record?

          If so, you can link tables B and C to Table A by this field in relationships. You could then use OnRecordCommit to perform a script that checks the value of the status field and uses either two different blocks of Set Field steps or one block of Set Field by Name steps to copy this data to a related record in B or C.

          But I am curious as to why you want to do this in the first place.