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Auto-update table with records from another table

Question asked by SherwinDelaPeña on Apr 26, 2014
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Auto-update table with records from another table


     Hi there everyone. First of all, I would like to apologize if this question had been asked before but I have tried searching for the past 3 days and was not able to find any answer or maybe I was searching for the wrong keywords.

     Anyway, I am trying to create a database for our company to organize my records. On my database I created 5 tables named, Employee Master, Employee Registration, Active Directory Registration, E-mail Creation & Head Office Telephone Extension.

     Employee Master's function is to catch all the records created from the other 4 tables for me to check the full information for each employee and the other 4 tables are mainly for collecting data. I have already set the relationships through foreign keys which are auto generated serials from their respective tables and set all the 4 tables to "allow creation of records" and "delete related records" but the master table is not getting any records.

     Now my question is how will I make the other 4 tables create & update the master table? 

     Thank you in advance.