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Autocad 2011 and Filemaker Pro 10

Question asked by TracyCampbell on Nov 2, 2010
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Autocad 2011 and Filemaker Pro 10


I have a database with a container field. I'm pasting in some Autocad 2011 drawings(.dwg) into this container field. The problem I'm having, is that sometimes I would like to edit that drawing. To do so, I would normaly right click on the container picture and I would get an option to "Edit Autcad Drawing" in the menu. In earlier versions of Autocad like 2008 or earlier, the container picture would open up a new session of Autcad for editing. Once I'm done, I would click save in autocad and my picture in filemaker would update to new changes.

Now in Autocad 2011, I get a filemaker error dialog box stating "Insufficient memory to complete the operation".

Is there any fixes for this? or am I SOL?

Thanks for reading!