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Autocomplete from another table?

Question asked by dgtldan on Sep 18, 2009
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Autocomplete from another table?




I am trying to use data from another table in the same database to autocomplete a field and pull data into the related fields.  Is this possible?


I have a layout called ALL with a field called 'Vendor'.

I have another layout called Vendor_new with a field called 'Vendor'

I have a relationship defined between the two 'Vendor' fields and the associated fields that I want to pull data from are getting their respective data from the Vendor-new field transfered to the ALL records.

What I am unable to do is on the ALL layout begin typing in the 'Vendor' field and have the matched records from the Vendor_new 'Vendor' to auto fill the data.

I have checked the checkbox for Autocomplete in both 'Vendor' fields in both tables.


I have tried to have this relation on two separate databases as well and I was unable to do it.  What am I doing wrong!?