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Autofill Check if Unique?

Question asked by timacadia on Jun 5, 2014
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Autofill Check if Unique?


     So I have a field that's creates a UserID automatically based on the persons first and last name.  e.g. James Smith would auto fill the UserID box with JSMITH  -  This works perfectly

     The Problem I have here is this box needs to be Unique, BUT the odds of us only ever having one JSMITH is slim.

     I want to run a script that will check if there are previous JSMITH's and if so then add a number to the end so creating JSMITH1, then recheck if JSMITH1 already exists make it JSMITH2 and so on and so on till it hit's a Unique ID

     I have the script in the image but lack the appropriate command to make it work

     Can anybody help with this?