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Autofill from different table

Question asked by willrollo on Sep 2, 2011
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Autofill from different table



Let me explain briefly my database outline. 

I have 2 tables, Contacts, Invoices 

Within Contacts, I have a New contact Layout, where the user creates a new record and fills in all data (ie home address, phone, and drop down menu for category of contact - trade, employee, customer etc)

The invoices table has 4 Layouts, List, Quote, Order and invoice. 

From the New contact layout, the user can choose from a drop down menu to create a quote or an order, using these contact details. This then sets off a script to go to the corresponding layout. 

This is where I am having my first issue. I have tried to use the starter template, invoice, to try to emulate the autofill for the fields, In this soultion, the user creates a new record/invoice and then selects from a pop up menu, a record, from the Contact name field. On selecting this, the other fields on the invoice fill out. 

Question - Is there any way to automatically fill out these fields automatically by using the contact data from which the invoice is created? Ie on my database, i want the user to be able to finish typing out the new contact details and then simply click on "create quote" to be taken to the quote layout and all the details filled out. 
reason being, if the database ends up with 10,000 contacts, a pop out menu isnt ideal even with autofill; 


I have a few more questions relating to this but thought best to knock this on the head first!

Thank you for your time and I hope my blurb made sense...