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Autofill postcode based in city

Question asked by FilipePimentel on Dec 13, 2013
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Autofill postcode based in city


     Hi there, 

     I have a solution where I enter de zip code and the city comes up. That is good, but where we live, people know city names better than they know the zipcodes. 

     So I am trying to change so the user enters the city and the post code comes up. No...there is no city with two zipcodes, as the cities are very small (20-90k inhabitants), so there would be no two zips for one city. 

     I tried reversing the lookups but I am not getting anything. I have for the Solution "enter zip and get the city" I have:

     company::Zip >------< Zip::Zip

     then lookupNext: 

     lookupNext (Zip::City; Higher)

     The company::Zip field uses the value list from Zip::Zip. 


     For the Solution "enter city get Zip"I had to create a new table occurrence of the Zip Table

     MainTAble::ZIP >--------<Zip2::Zip

     And my lookupnexts:

     Zip: lookupnext (Zip2:Zip; Higher)

     and the city using value list Zip2:City


     Any help is appreciated