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Autofill Serial ID in Related Table

Question asked by LuckBeaLady on Mar 8, 2013
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Autofill Serial ID in Related Table


     I am very new to FileMaker Pro, and databases in general. 

     I would like to create a database for assets.

     A main list, which I call Asset Master which contains basic fields for each of the related tables I'm creating (autos, buildings, etc.).

     I've set assetID to auto serial ID in the Asset Master.

     What I'd like is to fill out the Asset Master first, creating the serial ID.

     Then, have that serial ID be automatically entered into a new record in a different table.

     For example,  assetID is created in Asset Master as 101 - then I go into my Auto Table and create a new record, in which the autoID 101 automatically fills.

     I've got my tables set up so each table has it's own ID (autoID, buildingID) and those each have a relationship with the assetID field.

     I've tried scripts, but I must be writing them wrong, as nothing happens. I've tried a portal, but the assetID field only populates if the autoID field is the exact same (ie. assetID 101, autoID 101 - but assetID will not fill in if autoID is 102).

     Eventually there will be around 11 individual tables that need to be autofilled from the Master List, and I'd like to be able to hide the ID fields and still know they are being populated correctly. Especially since fields in the individual tables will be autofilled by corresponding fields in the Master List (I know how to do this). As such, I cannot use a drop down menu to fill the ID (I know how to do this part too).

     Any help, or even suggestions on what I should search for would be greatly appreciated.