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      I have 5 tables that are all related using Client #. Is there anyway I can enter the client # on one table and it fills it in the rest of the tables for me so I don't have to enter it 5 separate places? Can I use an auto fill or script?

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          Do you want to create a new record in each of the tables with this client#?

          Why would you want to do this? What problem does it solve for you? (This isn't something that is typically needed, so there may be an alternative that doesn't require this.)

          You can write a script to do it:

          #Must be run from Clients based layout
          Freeze Window
          Set Variable [$ClientID ; Value: Clients::ClientID]
          Go To layout [layout for table 2]
          New Record/Request
          Set Field [Table2::ClientID ; $ClientID]
          Go To Layout [Layout for table 3]
          New Record/Request
          //repeat for each table
          Go To Layout [original layout]