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      I am a new user trying to rebuild a database from an older version of filemaker, with filemaker 10.


      We are a manufacturing company.


      I have two main tables, the first is a customer file, when a customer wants to order something we create a customer file, with customer name, contact info, part name and part number, the quantity ordered and a purchase order. 


      The second table contains all of the information about the individual parts as well as a chart of when we send the customer the parts.  For example if the part# is 333, and the customer orders 1000pieces, we may send them 500 on december 1st and 500 on december 2nd. the product file shows this.  so there may be many different product files for the same part.


      My main problem is in shipping.  I want to be able to have a shippiong data entry layout.  where i can select a date, then customer name from a drop down value list, and the address will pop up (based on info in the customer file) then enter what we will be shipping to that customer on any given day, like part#333, and i want the description of that to show up (based on product file info). i will also need to enter how many palletes we are sending, and by which frieght carrier.


      then i want to select whether i need a bill of lading or a packing slip.


      and i want to do this for each company that i am shipping to on any given day.


      and then run a script, which will take this info and print it on the bill of lading or packing slips for wach company.  (i have layouts for the bill of lading and packing slip with fields that match the shipping data entry.)


      this is how the database is setup now, and i was asked to basically keep it the same but put it on a new version if filemaker.


      HELP please, thanks

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          "this is how the database is setup now, and i was asked to basically keep it the same but put it on a new version if filemaker."


          I've been there, where a client/boss says "keep it the same" and then turns around and tells you how they want to be different :smileywink:


          Have you defined a relationship that links your two tables?


          Frankly, I see two issues:

          1) You need to split your customer table into a customer table and an orders table.

          2) You need functional relationships that allow you to use filemaker's Looked up Value feature to copy customer data into your order table. (From my own experience, you want this to be a look up so your record records where you shipped the order and not the customer's current shipping address should it change at a later date.)


          Your customer table should have fields such as....

          CustomerID (auto-entered serial number)

          Billing Address


          Shipping Address



          Your Orders table would have...


          OrderID (auto-entered serial number)

          Order Date

          Shipping Address

          Billing Address

          Total Order



          Your last table, OrderFullfillment, (the 2nd table described in your post), should include an OrderID field.



          Customers::CustomerID = Orders::CustomerID

          Orders:: OrderID = OrderFullfillment:: OrderID


          Once you've structured your tables like this, you can more easily do what you want. See if you can get this set up and then post back for the next step.