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autofilter like in excel

Question asked by tria on Nov 5, 2009
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autofilter like in excel


Hi there

thanks for reading this post.

I'm working on a filemaker db for a fashion company.

The main problem is the following:

I have a table with components (Category/Company/ Description/Colour/Code/Price)

and a table with styles(garments) (Type/Fabric/Colour/Wholesale price)

both are linked in a joint table.


As a style is a summery of its components I need to quantify components to a specific style. The problem is similar to a products added to an invoice. I tried this approach but it's a rather stupid way of doing it cause one component comes in a great variety of colours and or lengths (ie zippers). If you have a lot components your workflow becomes very inaccurate. In excel I used autofilter for this, I could narrow down/serach by Company, then by colour and finally by length etc and add my quantities in a secure way.

Is there such a way of doing so? 


What is the best approach to that in Filemaker? I tried the standart invoice way and it's not working for me.

Thanks for your help!