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    Autofit fields ???



      Autofit fields ???


      Hi everybody!

      I'm making a template with reports in several different fields, in some cases, I write a lot in a field and sometimes not. Can AutoFit fields as I need? When printing, I want to avoid having very large and empty fields
      Thank you very much

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          Hi loreto


          make that text field ( or fields ) as large as your max needs.


          Than, while in Layout Mode, select that field and check the menu: Format >> Set Sliding/Printing... >> Check the appropriate box.


          So that when in Preview mode and while printing the space between fields will be reduced.


          hacer el campo de texto (o campos) tan grande como usted necesita.
          Luego, en un formato de ficha, seleccione el campo e ir al menú: Formato>> Fijar cambio>> y poner una bandera en la casilla correspondiente.
          Así que cuando se imprime y cuando vas en modo de vista preliminar el espacio entre los campos será menor.
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            Thank you very much!

            I made the fields as you told me, and the fields autofit !!. But in the preview mode is one or two blank pages at the end of the document ? What I have to do now, to eliminate this blank pages ??

            Thank you very much


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                 In the same window ( Set Sliding/Printing ) check the box: Also reduce the size of the enclosing part.
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                Great !!!!




                Thanksalot :smileywink:

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                  > Icancreateafieldandconditionalprintingwhetherornottoinputdata?


                  Each empty field ( if you have choosed the sliding for that field ) do not print and do not take space. 

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                    Daniele ! Thanks so much.

                    Last question ?? I want to insert a page number, I don´t known how to do it

                    Usually mi reports are for 2 or 3 pages and I need that it say " page 1 of 2, page 2 of 2, can be automatic ?? or I have to write myself every time ??

                    How can I do it ??

                    You are great !!!

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                      Copied from (someone else's) previous post:


                      To display page total information on each page of a printed document using a script, follow these steps:

                      1. In Define Fields, define a number field titled Total Pages. Click Options (or double-click the field name). Click the Storage tab, then select Use global storage (one value for all records).
                      2. On your print layout, type "Page ## of <<Total Pages>>".
                        (## prints the current page number, <<Total Pages>> is a merge field).
                      3. Create a script that has these steps:

                        Go to Layout[The layout you want to print]
                        Enter Preview Mode [ ]
                        Go to Record / Request / Page [Last]
                        Set Field [MyFile::Total Pages, Get (PageNumber)]
                      4. If you wish to print, add these print steps:

                        Print [No Dialog]
                        Set Field ["Total Pages", ""]