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    AutoFit Text



      AutoFit Text


      Is there a way to set up a layout to print a list of names in the largest possible font to autofit in specified number of columns and/or on specified number of pages? (The number of names will vary, depending on found records.)

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          There is a way using a script and one of the most awful Kludges used in FileMaker. It's not simple, not fast, but it works. It may be simpler to put a text field sized and formatted to be the same as your print layout on your data entry layout and add buttons that reformat the data in this text field with the FontSize function. One button can increase the font size and one can decrease so that you can adjust the fit by clicking those buttons a few times as part of your data entry process. (You could also simply select the text in this field and use the keyboard shortcuts for increasing/decreasing the font size.)