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Automate a Date Find

Question asked by Pizon on Nov 7, 2009
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Automate a Date Find


I have a DB of about 1500 records consisting of several fields (Names,Phones, and DOB).

 The important field is DOB (date of birth). My goal is to do a find for those DOBs that fall on today, CurrentDate.


I need to match the Month and Day of DOB with the Month and Day of the  CurrentDate;

the year isn't important.

I would like to automate this "find" when I open this DB.


Would you give me a little "push" in the right direction?


Calculations fields employed thus far:

MM                          Calculation          =Month(DOB)

DD                                  "                   =Day(DOB)

CurrMonth                     "                   =Month(Get(CurrentDate))

CurrDay   "                        =Day(Get(CurrentDate))


Thanks in advance for any help you might provide!!