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    Automate discount based on products



      Automate discount based on products


      I'm quite new to Filemaker and database software in general. I'm in the process of creating a new solution having started with the invoices template in FMP 13.

      There are about twenty products. I'm looking for a way to automate a discount when a particular pair of products is added to an invoice. For example, when items 7 and 8 are sold together, they are discounted by £27.50 and when items 11 and 12 are sold together, a discount of £34 is given. I initially thought of adding the two bundles as separate items, but that created stock-management complications as the products are often sold individually as well.

      I've added a cash discount field, so it could be done manually, but I'm sure there's a smarter way that I haven't yet thought of.

      Any help would be most welcome!


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          I think your original idea is the better and more flexible way to do this. What you do is have  "no inventory" item for your "package deal". Then set up a script that is performed each time that you select an a product for your invoice. That script checks to see if the selected item is a package and replaces it with two entries--with the specified individual product IDs, but with discount amounts entered in to fields that discount the items. This should keep your inventory correct as you are still listing the individual items, but streamlines data entry by allowing you to select two or more items as a group or "kit".

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            Thanks for the advice, Phil.

            To be honest I'm still a bit of a beginner when it comes to scripts. I'll do a bit of research to see how to put that script together.