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Automate multiple XLS + PDF export

Question asked by nfer81 on Jan 7, 2012
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Automate multiple XLS + PDF export


Dear all,

i need to export multiple XLS and PDF of selected records, sorted by an ID.

The current scenario is as follow:

Fields of DB: Author, Title, Country of Sale, Channel of Sale, Quantity, Client ID.

When i want to get the data of Client ID #23, i simply look for that ID and export the data founded.

But when i need to export ALL the existing client IDs (in both XLS and PDF format) the problem is that the Client IDs are more than 1.000: i need to export Client ID #1, #2, #3, manually performing a search and this takes ridicolous amount of time. I tried to script but i can't found a way to automate the search of ID#1, ID#2 etc...separately and without pauses.

Thus i need to create a script where all the IDs are found and exported separately one by one, in XLS and PDF in an automated way.

Thanks in advance for any help and assistance!