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Automate updating of old "Select Window" text values?

Question asked by RCarpenter on Jan 15, 2013
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Automate updating of old "Select Window" text values?


     Greetings all-

     After many years away from Filemaker, I've inherited an old and fairly complex app developed circa FM5. I've got it updated to FMP12 and have a copy of FMP12 Advanced to do my dev work with it.

     So far, so good, but I just hit my first snag - I needed to rename the files, so I used the handy Developer Utilities to create a new set of files. Everything seemed to work *except* there are a LOT of "Select Window [Name: 'text value' ]" steps in various scripts through the various files.

     I seem to remember that in the old days MetaDataMagic could do this, but it looks like they've suspended dev on that tool.

     So...I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of a tool/method to automate the process of finding and updating these script steps to the new file names (which a simple regex should handle, just stripping a short string from each name). 

     Thanks in advance!