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Automated enviroment setup?

Question asked by GaryJohansen on Mar 19, 2014
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Automated enviroment setup?


     I need a bit of help here. I’m writing a solution to track large sales forces, in different territories for different companies.

     The sales transaction data is similar in the different locations. So once I parse the names (which come in a single field) I need to aggregate sales in 2 categories, for currents sales (YTD), Last years production and comparison showing direction (increasing or decreasing).

     So currently I have a salesperson file, that relates to the current sales data 2 ways (2 instances of the sales file a relation to each), I create 4 instances of the last years data and create a separate relationship to each, a layout in the salespersons table that includes necessary fields from all the related tables, so I can loop through the salesperson file and gather the data.

     Works fine, but it would be great to save the setup so I could set it up easily. In other database programs I can create view of all open tables, relationships, etc, save it and call it back and when I need to. So I’d only need to setup the environment once for each territory , using the salesperson table in each one linked to different tables.

     Is there an easy way to do the same thing in FMP?

     Thanx for your time and info.