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Automated Levy Calculations

Question asked by Matty_1 on Jul 9, 2013
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Automated Levy Calculations


     I'm wondering if I could get a suggestion on how to best move forward with an automated levy calculation.  Certain purchases within our organization have applicable levies.  These levies can be percentage based or $/metric tonne purchased.

     I don't want to use triggers because typically the levy information gets automatically populated in the purchase transaction slips via a lookup function calling upon the purchase contracts fields therefor in any typical situation the fields don't get modified.

     I'm thinking the best solution would be an auto-entered calculation that verifies the levy association chosen, calls upon it's record in a levy table (yet to be created), finds what type of calculation is needed then applies the calculation once all the required fields are filled.  By this I mean creating a table that simply has two fields, the levy association and it's type (percentage or $/MT)  Is that something that can be done in an auto-calculation field?  I can't recall which script step could be used to find the levy record based on it's name and then pull it's type, if that's even possible or did I dream this up?

     I'm open to any better solution if someone's got one out there.  Fell free to hit me back and ask for more information, I'm horrible at leaving out important information.