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Automated Online ticketing with FilaMaker Pro 10?

Question asked by mastroiani on Oct 16, 2009
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Automated Online ticketing with FilaMaker Pro 10?


Hi.  I work for an educational institution -  IT and Facilities services.  Very often students, faculty and staff submit facility or IT problems through email.  Then we manually open up a ticket in FileMaker Pro and keep track of progress.



I'm wondering if there could be an easier, automated way for users to submit tickets directly to out filemaker pro database?  I'm thinking of two way right now,  Maybe they could fill out an online FileMaker template or form that would then automatically transmit and import all of the info to our database or is there a way to import their request that comes though email directly into FileMaker Pro without manual copy and paste?  First option, where users fill out the form themselves is much more preferable, but I will take anything that will eliminate this manual copy and paste...


Thank you so much in advance.


I'm hosting the database on a MAC G5 tower that also acts as a server.  User are able to view the current ticketing system through a web page.