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    Automated Record Navigation Button Needed



      Automated Record Navigation Button Needed


      I have searched the forums in case this issue was already posted and have not found it, so any help would be greatly appreciate.

      I am creating a database so that the user creating the records creates a specific ID for each record and that is recorded in the ID field. Each record has three choices to move to another record. What I want to do is create a button for each of the three choices where it takes the user to that specific record.

      This means that as the user moves through the database the three choices change depending on which reocrd they are on.

      I've tried using the navigation script for go to record using a calculation, but can't get the calulations to work correctly.

      Record 1 ID:1.1 has the following fields

      • Choice 1 ID: 2.1 -> clicking this button takes the user to record ID 2.1 where there are three more choices
      • Choice 2 ID: 3.1 -> goes to record 3.1
      • Choice 3 ID: 4.1 -> goes to record 4.1

      I want the button to pull the record ID (2.1/3.1/4.1) from the field and when clicked taked the user to that record. Any way to do this?


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          Go to record/request/page definitely won't work for this. This step is used to jump to a specific record in your current found set.

          Go To Record/Request/page [2]

          For example, jumps you to the second record in your found set. Sort the records so that they are in a different order and this step takes to a completely different record--whatever record is now the second record.

          It is possible to script what you describe by performing a find in a script performed when you click a button:

          Set variable [$ID ; YourTable::YourIDSelectionField]
          Enter Find Mode [] //clear the pause check box
          Set Field [YourTable::YourIDField ; $ID]
          Set Error Capture [on]
          Perform Find[]

          This method does not assume that YourIDSelectionField is a field with global storage so it copies the value into a variable before entering find mode. There are several slightly different ways to specify the ID number for this script--this being just one method. Script Parameters are another option that may work for you here--it depends on how the various record ID numbers associated with each button are determined and the significance of that ".1" you have in every example here.