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Automated Serial/ID Creation

Question asked by bestknownmethod on Sep 2, 2009
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Automated Serial/ID Creation


Good day!  I'm relatively new to FileMaker and I'm trying to create an Asset Inventory Database.  I did use the template and have since been going off on that to align all of our required fields in place.


One thing I'm having a difficult doing is I'd like to create an automated serial ID when a new record is created based on the "Category" the asset falls under.




1) I create a new record

2) I want an Inventory ID to be created once I select a Category Field to have a value of a "Desktop" with the Inventory ID to be called "DT-00001" and increment up as more are created under that category

3) If I select "Laptop" from the Category Field value list, the first record will be called "LP-00001" and so on.

4) I'd like for record to create the new Inventory ID upon a "Commit" or "Save button" as I have displayed...this I would like if possible


I can get it to work this way:

If ( Category = "Desktop"; SerialIncrement ( "DT-00000" ; 1)) 


But I can't get it to work if I had another command such as "Laptop" etc.  I know there should be an easy way to do it, but I'm kind of lost.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.