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    Automated User Password Information



      Automated User Password Information


           In my IWP app, I was able to provide a function to email the user's User ID and Password to them ("forgot my password" function) by creating a very limited account which would do a lookup by email address, then, if there was a match, email the information to the user.  This function relied on the ability to "auto-login" by passing the UID and PW to the app from a web page. 

           Since WebDirect does, apparently, not allow passing login parameters to the app, does anyone have any ideas on how to allow the user to get their UID and PW or just reset the PW within WebDirect?

           Any ideas would be appreciated.

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               You might be able to do something with the Re-Log in script. I have played around in just FileMaker with a file where file options auto-enters a password with very limited access privileges but a script set to run "onFirstWIndowOpen" then uses the ReLogin Script step to ask for their password. Your script, upon a failed log in attempt, could offer a "Forgot my password" option where the user can enter their email address into a global field and the script then resets their password and emails the relevant info to them after looking up their email address.

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                 This is a great idea.  I didn't even know about re-login.  I built a splash screen that logs in with a limited access ID.  The OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger launches a script that opens a pop-up that checks the User ID and PW against the Users table.  If successful, it does the re-login function with the UID and PW entered in the pop-up.  All of this works except after the "re-login" with a full access account, many of the fields show <no access> in the data viewer.  I'm thinking that it is because I have a split app/data application (2 files) and the re-login is not happening in the Data file.  Have you seen this?  Is there a way to force the login in the Data file as well?  Any ideas?

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                   I think I figured it out.  I put a script in the Data file that does the same Re-Login and gave the limited user execute privileges.  I execute this script from the App file right after the Re-Login there.  This seems to work fine so far.