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Automated Value showing a number instead of text

Question asked by ChloeF on Sep 6, 2011
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Automated Value showing a number instead of text


I have a database created from the Invoice Solution in Filemaker Pro. 

I modified the Customer table into the "Vessels" table. I properly linked this new table to the invoice layout, although there is one small problem: Bill To and Ship to being the same by default, I set up the Ship to Field to equal the Bill to field, just like in the sample file, although the Bill to shows the values from the value list correctly while the ship to field shows the Vessel ID number, and the correct address.

I don't understand why the Ship to field is showing the ID # instead of the values from the list. It seems to be set up correctly in the inspector, especially because I can click on the field and it shows the values properly, but the line "other" is ticked, and that number shows up.

I hope I'm not being too confusing, how can I make it so that it shows the Values from the list rather than the ID number?