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Automatic conditional invoicing solution

Question asked by OrlandoRosero on Jul 19, 2013
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Automatic conditional invoicing solution


     I have an invoice solution where the line items are displayed in a portal, from a table named "INVOICE DATA".

     I have another table named "PRESET_INVOICE_DATA" where the line items are filled for especific conditons based on two fields: For example:

     field_Level = Level 1

     field_Type = Adults

     lineItem1 = Product_X

     lineItem2 = Product_Y



     field_Level = Level 2

     field_Type = YoungAdults

     lineItem1 = Product_A

     lineItem2 = Product_B

     lineItem3 = Product_C


     ...and so on

     What would be the best and simplest way to "Auto-fill" an invoice using my "PRESET_INVOICE_DATA", based on the two conditional fields