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    Automatic Containerfield lookup



      Automatic Containerfield lookup


      I have no idea why this doesn't work. It's normally not any problems:


      In my Main Window I have a Global container-field that should show a looked up value:

        It should get it's information from a ValueList that get's it's values from the related File "Graphics", that holds both the information AND picture...

      So; When I select value X with the ValueList, the containerfield should automatically show me the correct picture.

        Somehow, I must have messed something up, 'cause this looks very basic...




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          Recognize that image, used to enjoy that cartoon in Children's Digest many years ago...

          To guess at what might be messed up, we will need to get a much more detailed description of exactly what you have set up and how it is failing.

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            puh. ok, I'll try...


            I have a main front-end  (is that you folks call an api?). The File that controls everything.

            This file has 50 records. These records get their infos from related files.

              So, when I would klick on next/prev. record - these records change.


            Now, I have another layout where completely different data will be call up.

             - this data also get their feed from related files.

            Although - I do NOT want any of THESE records to change if/when I click on next/prev. record.

            - thus, I made all these fields global. One data for all records.


            Now, normally when I set a relationship; the ID links direct towards fields in the same related record.

              e.g   If I use a field in my api to call up "Car models1" (which are all in each records in a related file), I would normally get the link

            to the picture in that record, as well.

              The problem is here, that I don't want ID = ID !!

            Since I want to SET the global field (that is one of FOUR of the same kind, but different named), I just want to know what formula to use, to set:

              if field "Car models1" = "F40", then show me picture from this (related)record.

             and underneath, I have the next field still on the same record in the api:

             if field "Car models2" = "Saab 99", then show me THIS picture...    etc.


            is this somewhat clearer?

               I have tampered 2 days now with this---    I I just can't believe that it's not possible...

            I can't see the forest, because all the trees are in the way !!!

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                I just read through the answer, and see it's still somewhat unclear:


              The problem is that I can't get my container field in my api to show me a picture of chosen "car-model".

                The related "Car-file" has also 50 records.

              How can I "grab" record 23 ?


              The problem, as I see it - is that I'm NOT using the top-level record=record relation!

              I'm not in record 23, but I still want to see the picture (that has nr 23 in the related file) 


              Basically, you could make me happy to setup a formula that just "grabs" picture, with a set number.

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                is that you folks call an api?

                It is not.

                "somewhat unclear" is an understatement.

                What version of FileMaker are you using?

                Your post either refers to an old version of Filemaker, An old method of relating data typical of very old versions of FileMaker or you are confusing "files" with"tables". (In versions of FileMaker 6 and older every File had one and only one table. In today's versions, a single file can contain many tables--each of which can be linked in relationships. Whether the tables so linked in relationships are in the same file or different files is largely unimportant when dealing with the issue you describe here.

                My guess is that you need to

                How about uploading a screen shot of Manage | Database | Relationships?

                My best guess is that you have a layout based on Table A and need to select a record in Table B and you want the image from Table B to appear on every record of Table A. If that guess is correct and I could easily be wrong, you would set up this relationship:

                TableA::GlobalField = TableB::IDField

                By entering an ID from TableB::IDField into TableA::GlobalField, you select which record in table B supplies the image to a container field From Table B located on a Table A layout. There are a number of ways to enter a value into that global field, including a value list of IDs and Name (or description) fields from Table B.