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Automatic create new record

Question asked by funkybluelion on Feb 20, 2011
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Automatic create new record


Hello everybody,

i am working with filemaker pro 11 and wanted to ask your opinion to how to resolve a problem i'm stuck with.

"sorry for the bad english but it isn'tmy native language"

So, i have a first table A

It contains 7 fields:

Field 1: Productnr

Field 2: Productfamily

Field 3: Quantity

Field 4: Price/unit

Field 5: deleverynote nr

Field 6: Total Price = calc of field 3 x 4

Field 7: Invoicenr

and a second table B with two fields

Field 1: Productfamily

Field 2: Extra cost

Relation between two tables is field 2 (table a) & field 1 (table b) productfamily

What i want to get as a result is:

when the field productfamily in table a matches the field productfamily in table B

it has to make a new record in table a with the same values of the original record execpt for field 4 (price/unit), there it has to fill in the value of field 2 from table B

Also when the quantity in field 3 table a is for example 2 it has to do the same as above but creating 2 new records where the qta for each record is set to 1

also i think that the field 2 productfamily in the new records has to be blank if not it will keep creating records ?

Which approach should work the best ?

Thank You