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Automatic creation of new records in secondary tables?

Question asked by NormanBelecki on Sep 26, 2012
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Automatic creation of new records in secondary tables?



I am a new Filemaker user.

The table used to set up relationships in the Manage Database function implies (doesn’t state explicitly) that one can create a record in a related table automatically by creating one in the base table. I have been unable to make this happen without resorting to scripts and forms. I am in a situation of having ‘inherited’ a MS Access database that grew functionally obsolete and needing to clone it in Filemaker. I have little prior experience with database design and programming, and need to use the clone while I am learning how to add input and output forms and scripts, so such functionality would be very useful to me.

Is it posssible to do that without manually importing the relating field contents from the base table to the related table? If it is not, can you direct me to some reference (preferably for non-experts) that explains why this functionality is not supported so that I can intuit the logic behind Filemaker’s structure?