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Automatic creation of the last 12 months

Question asked by paolobkk on Aug 21, 2013
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Automatic creation of the last 12 months


     Hi Everyone!

     I have a Customer table and a related table listing dummy records of months/year (every month has a total sales for this customer).

     The list is normally updated with a daily script that creates a new month if the current month is missing.

     I need to change that script to add not only the current month if is missing, but to add also the previous 12 months.

     This is because the staff forgets to put a customer in database and then they have to report every previous month missing after the creation of the Customer record.

     This is the current daily server script: (see screenshot)

     (the "perform find" script step is: Find: customer_months_dummy::date = $date)

     Any idea is very well appreciated!