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    Automatic Date Enter



      Automatic Date Enter


      My users are using IWP and I have a field called Speak_with_Rep. This is a radio-button set that says yes or no. I have another field called Speak_with_Rep_Mod_Date which is a date field. I need to make it so anytime the user selects yes or no in Speak_with_Rep it automatically gets the currents date and puts it into the Speak_with_Rep_Mod_Date. I tried using a script trigger but I dont think that works with IWP. Any Ideas?


      IWP being used

      Filemaker pro 10

      Filemaker 9 Advanced Server

      Windows Vista

      Medium Knowledge of Filemaker



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          Howdy anicolas,


          I do this with one of my costing Dbases (tracking last time the price was updated).  I accomplished it by using a child table holding only the cost and last date modified.  In your case it would be the Speak_with_Rep field and the last date modified.


          With these two fields in a different table, you can set the autoenter timestamp (or date) properties to update when the record is modified.  Since there are only these fields, the record is only modified when the Speak_with_Rep field is modifed.


          There is probably a slicker way to accomplish your goal, but this one works too.