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Automatic field functions

Question asked by dagfe on Nov 23, 2009
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Automatic field functions


I am designing a database for keeping records of different pictures.  I have two problems that ought to be easy to solve, but I am not able to understand advises in Help menu.


In my database together with image, and specialized information on each picture, I would like to have
1.   an unique entrance number on each record, an ID number which does not change even if the sequence of records are changed. I want this number to be displayed on my cards.   I guess it is an automatic entering of such a value, but how do I find it?
2. automatic entering of: a)name, b) date of entering values and c)date of modifying values on each record.

I know this is basic - sorry - but being a fresh user of Filemaker I need basic knowledge. I am using Filemaker pro 9. It is not shared with others. I run it together with Windows. I look forward to your answer.