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    Automatic Field Update



      Automatic Field Update


      Im now looking for script that uses a check box Field to confirm and automaticly Pull the items orderd in a specific date. and be able to set the value of that stock back to its original Value at a specific return date. Any help is greatly apreciated

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          That is not enough information to provide an answer.   Here are a few questions which would help with our answer:

          1) What version of FM are you using?

          2) How would we know the original stock value if it's already been changed?

          3) Are you working with returned products?  If so, we must see your structure to know how to properly 'return' them, ie, it would help if you could provide a link to an empty clone of your file.  If you can't then we at least need to see picture of your graph (portion pertaining to your request) with relationships expanded.

          Regardless your need, the idea is not to revert values but rather to add additional records which reverse the transaction.   Only in this way can an audit trail for tracking history be maintained.

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            Hello there.  Let me se if you can help me out LaRetta.

            First of all, sorry my bad english.  Hope I can make myself clear.

            I do want to BENTO 3 automatic update some fields, for example.

            I have the address book library, the ical appointments and tasks (default).

            I also have a Contact & Customer that is the address book with several more fields and files.  So, for example: when i send an email message (via mail) to a client (or receive one) it would be very helpfull that bento automaticly place this message on the customer message list.

            The same goes to ical appointments.  When I ad an ical appointment, Bento detect the customer field and automaticly update the info.  That goes for a lot of other features.

            Do you know how can I do that?