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Automatic gathering of Legacy Data (Scripting/External Connections)

Question asked by aetherington on Aug 4, 2014
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Automatic gathering of Legacy Data (Scripting/External Connections)


     Good afternoon.

     I have  recently been tasked with getting a filemaker server and a set of clients up and running,  One of the key things that we need is to be able to link it into our still used Ticketing system. 

     I have an idea how I want to do this but am unsure if its possible and wanted to get some help here :)


     My idea is to write a man in the middle script that converts one of our tickets from the current system, into a CSV String based on the ticket ID.  Then when that ID is entered into a filemaker field it does a web request to the script and imports the csv string into FM and populates the fields.


     It would be great to know if this is possible, And if so any help with anything I may want to look at to get it working would be great.


     Thank you!