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    Automatic Highlighting of Fields



      Automatic Highlighting of Fields


           Hi All,

           Does anyone know of a feature or a script in filemaker that will automatically highlight the field when I make a change to it?


           For example, If I have a field where I enter "Pre-Show Announcement" if I then go back into the same field but then enter "Announcement"  is there a way for the field to automatically highlight?




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                Hi Jason,

               You could do this using Global Variables and conditional formatting.

               If you run a script, either button or script trigger, that sets global variables to the value of each fiel, you can then setup condition formatting on each field to change colour if the global variable does not match the value of the field

               Self ≠ $$FieldVariable

               This will then change the field colour when then value is change

               You will just need to manage the variables with user interaction or script triggers so they refresh correctly.

               I hope this helps

               -- Orlando


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                 As Orlando said,


                 Just simply highight or change the Field Label, Field Box background color, box Border, or All of the above, which would elimate the global vaiable.Defining conditional formatting for layout objects

                 You can format layout objects to change automatically when they meet specified conditions. For example, you can use conditional formatting to automatically display balances that are over 30 days past due in bold, red text. Conditional formatting settings affect only the way data is displayed or printed, not how data is stored in the database.
                 To specify conditional formatting for objects:
                 In Layout mode, select one or more objects.
                 For more information, see Selecting objects.
                 Choose Format menu > Conditional.
                 In the Conditional Formatting dialog box, click Add to define a new condition.
                 Specify the condition for formatting data in the selected objects.
                 To specify a format based on common conditions, for Condition choose Value is. Then choose one of the following conditions and set the parameters.