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    automatic pop up



      automatic pop up


      Hi to everybody,


      In my data base I have two fields

      1. Name

      2. Birthday


      My script are as follows


      Perform find

      Set Variable[$found; Value:Get( FoundCount)}

      If [$found>0]

      set Variable [$counter; Value:1]


      Set Variable[$name; Value:$names & GetNthRecord(birthday::Name ; $counter ) & "¶"

      Exit Loop if [$counter = $found]

      Set variable [counter; Value:$counter + 1]

      End Loop

      Show Custom Dialog ["Birthday"; "Today's Birthday:¶" & $names]

      End If

      Show All Records


      Kindly help me to improve my script because I dont want that everyday Im clicking the button to run the script. I want that filemaker will automatically pop up a window when that day is the persons birthday.


      Thank you very much.