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    Automatic Record Sorting



      Automatic Record Sorting


      Is there any way to turn off Automatic Record Sorting in FM Pro 11?  I miss the "semi-sorted" status of FM 9.

      Everytime I sort records by date for example, if I change that field, I end up in the middle of my found set!  I need to be able to move on to the next record I need to review, not hop around in the middle.

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          Many of us have complained about this to FileMaker Inc. At the very least, we need to be able to turn this feature off. If you wish to add your voice to those who have already requested this change go to: http://www.filemaker.com/company/feature_request.html

          In the mean time, ULearnIT has devised a work around:

          Perform a script that includes a Pause/resume script. The script doesn't have to do anything but pause. While the script is paused, you can edit the records without the auto-sort making your records jump around. When you finish editing, resume or halt this script.