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    Automatic resize of portal fields based on contents



      Automatic resize of portal fields based on contents


       Is there a way to have my solution automatically resize the height of a record in a portal based on the size of the content?  Example: one record may have 20 characters and may fit within the formatted field. The next record may have 200 characters and they will not all fit within the field. In Excel you can format the cell to “wrap text” and the cell (and row) will automatically expand in height to display all of the text.

      I am building a solution similar to an invoice solution in which some line item descriptions are short and some are long and I need to accommodate both.


      Thanks in advance for any help.    

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          Sorry, but this is not possible in FileMaker.

          There are, however, ways to print your invoice that do not require the portal you used to enter the line items on your invoice layout. You switch to a list view layout based on the line Items table and add fields from the Invoice table to the layout's header. Since this layout does not use a portal, you can set the fields in the layout body to be several rows of text tall and to "Slide Up, Resize enclosing part"--options found in the position tab of the Inspector in FileMaker 11.

          Here's a simple invoicing demo file created by Comment that uses such a method:  



          The Invoices starter solution that comes with Filemaker 11 also uses this method.