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Automatic resizing of PDFs

Question asked by JacobHalford on Oct 30, 2013


Automatic resizing of PDFs



     I have made a database of old books, in the database I have a container field which contains  pdf of the book. The pdfs were automatically resized to fit the field as the pdfs were a lot bigger then the field. Recently however they have stopped resizing and stayed at the actual size so I have to manually zoom out or change them and these changes aren't saved so each time I look at the record they need resizing. Does anyone know why they have stopped resizing? How can I get it so that all the pdfs resize automatically? I have tried changing the autoresize settings in inspector. I think the problem is that the pdfs all have both actual size and automatic resize selected when I right click on them. But I don't know how to turn off the actual size on them. Any help in this would by much appreciated.