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    automatic script to move data



      automatic script to move data


      Dear Forum


      We have a database and we fill fields in daily. There are ten fields that we fill in daily and we want the database at the end of the day to take the information in these fields and place them in ten history fields which are inside the same database. Is there a detailed script example that we could use for this to happen on a daily basis? 

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          Howdy BC2009,


          From the limited info that you've given, let me take a guess at a solution.


          Instead of scripting a data move, why not timestamp the record (or at least insert the date) and create a new record the next day?


          This would result in all of your historic data (10 fields on one record per day) being available to you, but you would be working on only today's record.


          You could also set the general usage access privileges to only allow editing of the 10 fields if the date on the record

          = Get(CurrentDate)


          Is this what you're after?  If not, could you give a little more info about what you're trying to accomplish?

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            Ninja, I understand what you are saying; are some more details.


            Each new record is automatically given an identification as indicated by a field created inside the table for this database. On a daily basis, depending on which ID needs to be worked on that (ID) record is opened and information is entered. What we need to be able to do is as follows:


            For some ten fields (not including the field which automatically generates the ID) inside each ID (record), the data needs to go to a history file (which has already been created with the relevant fields) on a daily basis automatically. This is for the purpose of archiving the information in those fields every day so that new information can be entered if necessary on the following day.



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              Check out Import Records.


              You can use this step in the archive file to copy the current found set of records in the first file into the archives.


              Since this step can modify large numbers of records, make back up copies and test carefully before using on real data.


              Import Records has a bug you have to keep in mind. See the Known Bug List in the Report a Bug section for more on Import Records.