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Automatic selection of non-Roman fonts upon text data entry (Mac OS)

Question asked by Bubba on May 19, 2009
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Automatic selection of non-Roman fonts upon text data entry (Mac OS)


In FM Pro 10 for the Mac (OS 10.4.11) I have tables where text in some fields is entered using non-Roman fonts such as Greek and Cyrillic and text in other fields is entered in English (Roman fonts).


I am currently using the Mac OS International capability to switch between fonts using the Apple main menu.


I have two questions. 


(1) Is it possible to set up my FM database text fields to automatically set the Mac system font to something other than my default (English Roman) font assuming use of a single non-Roman font. I thought this might have been possible using the FM Perform AppleScript function but the font change does not seem to be scriptable. Also the Format/Field Control route does not seem to be helpful.


(2) Let's suppose I wanted to have a text field in FM capable of handling a multiplicity of non-Roman fonts (only in in different records) and the capability of changing the font easily during use. To be useful the fix in FM would have to be easier than changing the Mac system font (a radio button for example?) and would assume the user knew how to type the non-Roman characters on an English keyboard.


Thanks in advance for suggestions.