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    Automatic sort


      Automatic sort


           I have imported about 20,000 records into my database - it had none previously. However, they have been imported in the wrong order. In list mode, I would rather see the most recent records (by date created field) at the top as opposed to the oldest. If I do an auto sort on database opening, it takes a second or so to sort them, which is a bit annoying. Is there a way to permenantly sort them...?Thx

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               Use Save a Copy As to save a clone of your file.

               Sort the records in your original file into the order that you want.

               Open the clone and import the records into the clone.

               Discard the original file and keep what was originally your clone but which now has records whose unsorted order matches the order you want as the automatic order. Please note that new records will not automatically appear in this order.