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Automatic Sync Google Spreadsheet with FMP 12 Table

Question asked by E.Reiersgaard on Aug 8, 2013


Automatic Sync Google Spreadsheet with FMP 12 Table



     I am new to database development and am not exceedingly tech-savvy, but I am using FileMaker Pro 12 to digitize 10 years of an academic program's records.  I am learning everything from scratch -- these forums, free webinars, etc.  

     Currently, I am trying to use the 'Insert from URL' script to link a Google Spreadsheet to a Table in FMP12.  The spreadsheet is infrequently updated via Google Forms submissions, so the FMP Table needs to be regularly updated/synced with new data from the spreadsheet.  

     I have found a few resources that have helped get me started:  (1) This Filemaker Pro and Google Spreadsheet/Form Sync from earlier this year concludes that the spreadsheet must be first downloaded and then imported into FMP.  But there are other resources that lead me to believe that it is indeed possible to pull the data directly from the web.  (2) This is a great YouTube video by Daniel Shanahan that demonstrates how this is possible with a technique called webscraping, but I found that I was unable to follow all of his instructions.  He's using scripts that are unknown to me--skipping some steps in his demonstration--and I've thus been unable to replicate this.

     HELP!  Is there a similar video or guide out there somewhere that can teach me how to use the 'Insert from URL' scipt to regularly pull data from a Google Spreadsheet into a FMP 12 Table?  One that's intended for the serious novice?