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    Automatic Timestamp Stoped Working



      Automatic Timestamp Stoped Working



           I have a timestamp field in a table configured to automatically place the time and date in the field upon the creation of a new record. This started out working fine, but has since stopped working. I have checked the configuration and all is well.

           My DB has a parent table and several child tables. Data passes normally and works fine. It's just when I creat a new record in the child table (where the timestamp field is located) it has ceased to timestamp.

           I could not locate another post with this problem. Maybe you could help a newbie with this?

           Thanks for the help!

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               If you have FileMaker Advanced, try enabling the script debugger, then create a new record to see if any script is triggered in the process that might interfere with the auto entered time stamp.

               Also, is the timestamp field a match field that links to the parent record?

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                 I assume the child timestamp field is defined as autoenter timestamp?  Or are you timestamping it some other way?

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                   Hi thanks for the reply. Yes it is configured to auto enter. The child table is the only table that has a timestamp field. Data entry originates with the child. Do I need to place the timestamp field also in the parent in order to work? (my newbieness is showing) Thanks for the help!

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                     You do not need the field in the parent table in order for the field in the child table to correctly auto-enter a timestamp--assuming that you want each new child record to record the date/time the child record was created instead of the date time the parent record was created.

                     Try this test:

                     Create a brand new blank layout. Select your child table as the table for this layout. Use the field tool to add the child table's timestamp field to this layout.

                     Then, enter browse mode and create a new record using new record from the Records menu. Does this new record correctly auto-enter the current time stamp? If it does, then something is altering/clearing the data in this field after it is created when this occurs on your original layouts. If it does not, then something is wrong with your field options. Perhaps you have added an auto-enter field calculation or looked up value setting?