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    Automatic Updating



      Automatic Updating


      I collect automobile sales literature (3,500+ items) and have kept them in an Excel flat database. But every year the items increase by a certain % in value. If I move my dB over to FileMaker, is there a feature that would make the updating of their value automatic? I can't find anything in the manuals about such a feature. Thanks for your help. Skip

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          Thank you for your post.


          Your question is a little vague, so let me describe what FileMaker can do.


          There is no limit to the number of records or fields you can add to a table.  You are limited only by the file size of the operating system.


          FileMaker Pro does have calculation fields that can be based upon a date. For example,


          If (Year(DateField) = 2008, Value, 0)




          Case (Year (DateField) = 2008, Value,

             Year (DateField) = 2007, Value * .95,

             Year (DateField) = 2006, Value * .90,

             Value * .85)


          That is, if the year of the date field is 2008, display the value.  If it is 2007, display the value * 95%.  If it is 2006, display the value * 90%.  Otherwise, show 85% of the value.


          You can also subtract two dates from one another to get days.  For example,


          If (Today - DateField)< 365, Value, 0)


          That is, if the DateField has occurred within the last year, display the value.  Otherwise, display zero.


          I hope this gives you some ideas.  If you have more specific examples, let me know, and I'll give you the calculations.



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