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    Automatic window resize



      Automatic window resize


           Evening all


           I have got a script that opens a new window to display a message to confirm that the user wants to delete a record.

           This message is only small, how do i resize the window so that it fits around the message?





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               Many ways are possible

               Most efficient way would be skip going to a new window and use the Show Custom Dialog script step. (you might need to follow this this with Get(LastMessageChoice) script step.

               If for some reason (graphics perhaps?), you really want to create a new window in

          in Filemaker 12 you can just drag the borders about while in layout mode, then create a script that would

               1. Go to that layout

               2. View as [Form]

               3. Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]

               If you prefer, Use the new options avaiable via the Specify button within the "New Window" script step.

               Alternatively, see Filemaker 11 solution.

          In Filemaker 11:

               You can set the size and location of the new window by clicking the "Specify" button within the "New Window" script step. (there are many more options for this script step  in FMP12)

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                 Hi Thanks a lot for the answer, i used the filemaker 12 solution and it worked perfectly.

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                   One of the key limitations to Show Custom Dialog is that there is no scriptable way to control the size of the dialog. Knowledgeable users can drag the bottom right corner to resize the dialog, but this is not something you can script so long messages in custom dialog become problematic. New window, as discussed here then makes for a better alternative.