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Automatically adding images to records

Question asked by MaximoBerocay on Jan 16, 2013
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Automatically adding images to records



     Hello, we have an inventory of over 100,000 unique items so manually adding a picture for each item is very impractical. We have a set of pictures that have the same filename as the item's item number but there is a complication: The filenames are not perfect matches to the item numbers. The file will be named, for example, 8372.jpg but in our inventory we would have entries like 8372LG, 8372MD, and 8372XXL as the item numbers, where the letters represent the different sizes of the item. 

     An additional note is that the inventory file is being hosted on a server and I want to make sure that users remotely connecting can also see the pictures. I did write an applescript that would make the files show up locally, but the image container would still be empty for remote users.

     So, is there a way I could automatically add pictures to my inventory and still have it show up remotely? Is there a way to do this with only adding file references to the inventory file to keep the size of the file itself manageable?