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automatically calculate fiscal year?

Question asked by angharad on Dec 10, 2009
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automatically calculate fiscal year?


Beginner using FM 10 Windows 7.


I'm donating my time to build a database for a nonprofit.  The Donations table includes the date of each donation and a calculation to determine whether the donation was made in the current or the previous calendar year.  That's working fine.  But they need to be able to calculate their donations not just by calendar year (for fundraising purposes) but also by fiscal year (for accounting and reporting puposes). 


Because I probably won't be around at the beginning of every fiscal year, rather than setting up a find script where the requests have to be reconfigured annually, I think I'd like a calculation that automatically figures out the FY of each donation, in perpetuity, as it were.  FY runs 8/1 - 7/31. 


Am open to all suggestions including "tell the nonprofit to learn how to use FM," "this is a bad idea," or "there's a much easier way."  I've searched the forum but haven't found a solution that seems to match; I've played around with the WeekofYearFiscal date function but realize I don't really understand how this works.  Will be grateful for any suggestions; will be especially grateful for very simple, step-by-step solutions as this problem really has me baffled.  Thanks!