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Automatically choosing a Tab

Question asked by rickaltman on Oct 2, 2013
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Automatically choosing a Tab


     I have a series of fields that are divided up into tabs and I am attempting to create a script that automatically activates a tab based on the data in a field called "Status." Four of the five times, it works perfectly: If the Status field contains Patron, Conference Team, Clients, or Product, the script sets the variable properly and passes that variable on to the Go to Object command. But one of them, Partner, flat out ignores me, reverting to the default for that tab group.
     The code is below; I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on. There are no typos or problems with singular/plural designations -- what is so special about the word "Partner" that it would cause this linear progression of logic to fail? (On that note, I tried renaming the tab to "Goofball" and the test for that name; same result.) This is the only time I have used this type of syntax so I don't have enough breadth of experience to sniff out any problems for myself. Any suggestions, I'd be most grateful.
     If [ Details::Details = "PresentationXpert Power Skills Workshop" ]
     Set Variable [ $$Tab; Value:"Workshops" ]
     Else If [ Details::Status = "Partner" ]
     Set Variable [ $$Tab; Value:"Partners" ]
     Else If [ Details::Status = "Patron" ]
     Set Variable [ $$Tab; Value:"Patrons" ]
     Else If [ Details::Status = "Conference Team" ]
     Set Variable [ $$Tab; Value:"Staff" ]
     Else If [ Details::Status = "Client" ]
     Set Variable [ $$Tab; Value:"Clients" ]
     Else If [ Details::Status = "Product" ]
     Set Variable [ $$Tab; Value:"Product" ]
     End If
     Go to Related Record
          Go to Object [ Object Name: $$Tab ]